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Emergency Preparedness

The City of Waterbury Office of Emergency Preparedness coordinates continual surveillance and preparation for a variety of public health emergencies. These emergencies may be the result of natural causes such as hurricanes or tornadoes. They could result from man-made events such as a terrorist attack, or the emergency can be the result of a pandemic event, Ebola, or Anthrax.

Our mission is to build a more resilient community that is prepared to deal with, promptly respond to and recover from any major emergencies arising from disaster or man-made causes.

During a large-scale public health emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or the act of a bio-terrorism, medical and non-medical volunteers will be urgently needed to assist local health officials with registration, language translation, dispensing medication, or other tasks.

Volunteer Today!

Become an emergency preparedness volunteer and help us save lives. You can volunteer here via an online form.


Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Sheena Williams, MPH



Personal preparedness

Emergencies can happen, so it is best to be aware and prepare. Make an emergency plan! 

Plan ahead and build a preparedness kit. Contact the fire department if you have access or functional needs. Stay Informed


Important Emergency preparedness information
FEMA Winter Storms/Extreme Cold
FEMA Be Prepared for a Winter Storm
Power Outage
How To Use A COVID-19 Self Test Kit
Extreme Heat
Attacks in Crowded and Public Spaces
Hurricane Preparedness
Prepare with Pets
Register for CT Alert



For additional information on preparing for and staying safe in the event of an emergency, visit the following websites:

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Department of Homeland Security
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