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Open Enrollment 2024

Open Enrollment
May 20, 2024 through June 7, 2024

Medical, Pharmacy, & Dental

Opt Out Provision

Open enrollment is for everyone. Choosing health insurance is one of the most important choices you can make to help protect the health and well-being of you and your family. During this time, please evaluate your current benefits and review the benefits offered to you through your union. 

Changes to consider:

  • Joining a plan – Complete an Enrollment/Waive/Change form, eligibility affidavit, and provide photocopies of identifying documentation (marriage certificate, birth certificates, etc. if applicable)
  • Add or Cancel family members – Complete an Enrollment/Waive/Change form. For adding family members: complete an eligibility affidavit, and provide photocopies of identifying documentation (marriage certificate, birth certificates, etc.) in addition to the Enrollment/Waive/Change form.
  • Cancel your coverage – Complete an Enrollment/Waive/Change form
  • Change plans (Health or Dental) – Complete an Enrollment/Waive/Change form

Changes by Union:

All Unions/Participants

  • No premium increase to any active employee health plans 
  • Voluntary Comprehensive Vision Plan offered to all benefit eligible employees

SAW - Out of Network deductibles increase 

UPSEU 68 – Co-share change from 16% to 17% OAP plan

UPSEU 69 - Co-share change from 21% to 22%(health) and 20% to 21%(Pharmacy)

       Co-Pay change for medical and pharmacy plan 



Changes listed above and any changes you make are effective July 1, 2024 unless you are in the BOE as a 10 month employee, Teacher (WTA), School Administrator (SAW), or Nurse Supervisor; your changes would be effective September 1, 2024.

If you are covered by the City and do not wish to make changes to your Medical or Dental coverage, you do not need to do anything but check the rates as well as review who is on your plan. Be sure you only have eligible dependents enrolled.


However, if you wish to continue in/enroll in the Opt Out Provision, than you must send in the appropriate documents during open enrollment. 

Newly Added Education Sessions:

Please select your union from the drop-down menu below to review your available plan options, plan changes, and plan descriptions.  All forms necessary for making changes are available. Materials will also be available to pick up in our office.

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