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Mark Lane Transfer Facility

The Mark Lane Transfer Facility provides residents with a convenient outlet for disposal of various recyclables and solid wastes. Waterbury’s Bureau of Refuse also uses this facility to weigh loads of leaves and brush and to dispose of scrap metal that is collected at curbside via appointment. The facility is also used as a second snow depot for winter salt and sanding operations.

Items Accepted at the Transfer Station

  • Batteries – alkaline and rechargeable.  No car batteries.
  • Bulky Waste – couches, mattresses, large furniture items and residential construction materials, carpet
  • Electronics – televisions, computers and peripherals, radios, cell phones etc. 
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  • Automobile Tires
  • Used Motor Oil and Anti-Freeze – do NOT mix together. Motor oil will only be accepted in containers that are no larger than one gallon.
  • Recyclables –Paper, cardboard, paperboard ONLY (Curbside recycling also accepts glass, metal and plastic cans, bottles, foils and trays)
  • Scrap Metal (no propane tanks)
  • Yard Waste – Use only compostable yard waste bags for grass, leaves.  All brush must be cut and tied and be less than 4 inches in diameter and no more than 6 feet in length.

Items Not Accepted at the Transfer Station

  • Household and Business Trash
  • Paint – Learn about paint recycling via
  • Household Hazardous Waste – Waterbury residents may bring HHW to specially-scheduled drop-off days
    Collection Days
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Propane Tanks (Waterbury residents who receive curbside pick-up of trash and recycling may schedule pick-up of propane tanks by calling 203-574-6857.   Residents of condominiums and other privately-serviced complexes must make their own arrangements)
  • Car Batteries

Fees and Privileges

  • Each Waterbury household is allowed two free dumps of bulky waste each year and four free dumps of yard waste (pick-up truck size loads).  This is an allowance per household, not per household member. 
  • Residents living in multi-family homes who are not the owners may not use their free dumps for their landlord’s materials ex. yard waste and building materials.  They may only dump their own property ex. furniture, bedding, appliances.
  • Landlords living in a multi-family home, who also have a valid driver’s license showing Waterbury residency, will be allowed two free dumps for that one multi-family home.  Landlords with materials from a house they own, but they do not occupy, will be charged for all dumps as the property is considered a business.
  • Please bring a valid Connecticut driver’s license, indicating residency in Waterbury, when delivering materials to the Mark Lane Transfer Facility.   This is required and is the only form of identification which will be accepted.
  • Additional dumps will be charged at a rate of $28.75 for the first 500 pound and $.0575 per pound thereafter:  $57.50 for 1,000 pounds, $115.00 for 2,000 pounds.   Mattresses and Box Springs will be charged $30 each.