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Engineering Department


Manages and coordinates the City’s utility geographic information system; assures compliance with environmental permits and regulations; establishes standards; plans, designs, directs and inspects for all public works construction projects; installs, maintains and repairs traffic lights, signage, and pavement markings; manages and repairs closed-loop traffic signal system; reviews, approves issues permits and inspects construction of proposed developments; provides document storage and retrieval for the City’s infrastructure and utilities; implements Federal storm water pollution prevention program.

The Bureau of Engineering provides technical expertise and management for City construction projects.  The Bureau administers construction in the public right of ways by private contractors, provides information to the general public and advises all other City agencies requiring its services and information.


Core Functions
  • Develops long range capital improvement plans and budgets
  • Designs, manages and inspects construction projects
  • Maintains maps and records of the City's infrastructure
  • Conducts land surveying duties
  • Issues street opening permits
  • Assigns house numbers
  • Approves and inspects building permits in regard to impacts on City's infrastructure
  • Reviews, approves and inspects public and private improvements for land development projects
  • Operates and maintains the City traffic signal system and maintains road striping and traffic signs
  • Addresses citizen concerns with regard to engineering and/ or infrastructure issues
  • Marks out "Call Before You Dig" for storm sewers and provides services to all other City departments as requested
  • Addresses State and Federal Storm Water Permits
  • Advises various boards and commissions


Engineering Permit Applications and Forms Library

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