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Property Revaluation 2022


Property Revaluation 2022
2022 is a revaluation year for the City of Waterbury


CT General State Statute 12-62 requires that each town shall implement a revaluation not later than the first day of October every five years. The last revaluation for Waterbury was conducted on October 1, 2017.

The City has contracted with Equality Valuation Services to perform the property revaluation. Each residential property owner will be sent a data mailer which will show the information that the City has on their property. If the City’s information is correct there is no need to verify the information. If the information is incorrect you can highlight the incorrect data on the form and return it in the self- addressed envelope or go to the Equality website at and provide the necessary updates and any corrections. You may also schedule a virtual inspection appointment at the website.

Some properties will require an inspection, those homeowners will be contacted by directly by Equality. Our goal is to ensure the accuracy of data on the forms so that accurate values can be applied to all properties. If you have any questions regarding the data mailers, or the process of revaluation you can contact the Assessor’s Office, (203)574-6821.