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Waterbury HOME Improvement Program (WHIP)

The City of Waterbury offers Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) program funds for home revitalization purposes through its Waterbury HOME improvement program (WHIP). Funds are administered to low- and moderate-income homeowners of single-family, single-unit residential homes in Waterbury.

The WHIP initiative is intended to assist in preserving our City's housing stock and contributing to the overall revitalization of our neighborhoods. Doing so will assist eligible homeowners with necessary renovations that may be cost prohibitive. In doing so, our community will increase its supply of safe, decent, desirable, and affordable housing.

An Affordable Option: Experience the dream of rehabilitating your home!

WHIP provides deferred, forgivable loans for rehabilitation costs up to $30,000 per unit for homeowners who wish to make essential improvements to their property. 

Property Requirements

  • The property must meet all applicable state and local codes, ordinances, and rehabilitation standards.
  • Pre-1978 properties will be subject to a lead-based paint (LBP) Inspection/Risk Assessment.

Types of Properties

  • Traditional single-family, single-unit homes
  • Condominium units & cooperative units
  • Manufactured homes, including mobile homes

Loan Amounts & Terms

  • Maximum Loan: $30,000/unit ($1,000 minimum)
  • Five (5) Year Deferred, Forgivable Affordability Period

Rehab Activities & Standards

The following are eligible costs and required as part of rehab:

  • Regulatory Violations
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Items Related to Health, Safety, & Livability
  • Lead Paint Abatement

The following are examples of eligible rehab activities:

  • Roof Repair/Replacement
  • Window Repair/Replacement
  • Furnace Repair/Replacement
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Plumbing & Sewer Repair

Program Eligibility

To be eligible for the WHIP program, the following eligibility requirements apply:

  • Occupancy: The homeowner's principle residence must be the property being considered.
  • Insurance: The homeowner must carry homeowner's insurance throughout the rehab period.
  • Taxes & Other Obligations: Any and all obligations to the City of Waterbury must be current (taxes, water & sewer, parking violations, etc.)
  • Maximum Property ValueThe maximum property value "after rehabilitation" must not exceed 95% of the median purchase price for the area.
  • Income: The applicants total household income must meet HUD's income guidelines.

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