Health Education 


Health education is important for supporting the health of communities. Communicating health information, local services and events in a way that is accessible for community members can help improve quality of life.  It is important to utilize multiple channels in order to reach as many community members as possible.  Much of our communication is done through social media as well as more traditional channels of communication such as the newspaper and radio. The goal of health education is to communicate health information to community members in a way that it can be well received and implemented in their daily lives as well as increasing awareness of local health services that are available for the community to access. 



Waterbury Health Department has a Facebook page, a YouTube account, and an Instagram account, to which we share important public health information, local health events happening in the city, and helpful health education resources available to community members.

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We attend community events to disperse health information and information about the services the Health Department provides.


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