Waterbury Lead and Healthy Homes Coalition



The Waterbury Lead and Healthy Homes Coalition (WLHHC) is created to foster a healthy and safe home environment, reduce housing related health disparities, and improve the public Health in the Greater Waterbury Area. Our mutual Statement of Purpose: “Improving health outcomes and increasing the availability of healthy housing by creating a network of organizations through community partnerships, program referrals, advocacy and community engagement.”

What are the housing related issues the coalition focuses on:


Energy Services

  • Home Energy Solutions – Income-Eligible (HES-IE) 

Is your home drafty and cold in the winter? Does it need more insulation? Do your energy bills feel overwhelming? We can help.

If your family’s combined gross annual income is below the state’s 60 percent income median, you may qualify for no-cost energy-saving services. A technician certified by the Building  Performance Institute will come to your home and make energy-saving improvements to reduce drafts and help you save on your lighting and hot water bills. If your home qualifies for additional services such as insulation or a more energy-efficient refrigerator, they will arrange for contractors to come back to your home and do the work. Depending on your circumstances, you may receive these services at no cost.

See the tabs above to find out how the program works and if you qualify.


Home Energy Solutions - Core Services 

No matter how you heat your home, there’s an easy way to lower your energy bill that’s also good for the environment, and it can even make your home more comfortable. For as little as $99 Home Energy Solutions offers on-the-spot services to homeowners and renters for immediate savings. We empower you with recommendations and resources for deeper savings, too. Learn more about this program.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program 

Thinking about deeper energy saving measures like insulation or a high-efficiency heating and cooling system? Are you planning a big home project? Check out our Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. Connecticut is proud to partner with the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to make this program available for our residents. It is a one-stop shopping for energy efficiency approach. Simply select one of our certified contractors to work with you. You will receive a custom proposal from that contractor to do all the work. You choose what you would like to do and submit an application to your utility to pre-authorize the incentives for the upgrades. When the work is completed, your utility inspects the upgrades and sends you an incentive check. It’s that simple. Learn more about this program.

Call New Opportunities, Inc. at 203-575-4382 for more information. 
- See more at: http://www.energizect.com/residents/programs/save-energy-and-money-all-year-long



Coalition Structure:

The core agencies of Waterbury Lead and Healthy Homes Coalition consist of: Waterbury Health Department, New Opportunities, Inc., and Lead, Radon and Healthy Homes Program, Connecticut Department of Public Health.  Other key collaborative partners include: Eversoure, the Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program, and the Greater Waterbury Health Improvement Partnership.  The core agencies meet on quarterly basis to set priorities for this coalition and invite its partners to discuss future strategies and implement work plans in improving and eliminate housing related health hazards for housing in the City of Waterbury.  Areas of focus include, but not limit to: lead, asthma, damp & mold, radon, electrical hazards, trips and falls, energy conservation, etc.


Meeting Frequency and Location:

The Waterbury Lead and Healthy Homes Coalition meets four (4) times a year.  The meeting is held at the Waterbury Health Department, One Jefferson Square, 3F, Waterbury, CT 06706.


As a Waterbury Lead and Healthy Home Coalition partner Agency we will:
  • Facilitate building partnerships amongst community organizations
  • Increase knowledge of services available to our residents
  • Provide technical assistance on identifying housing/health hazards
  • Referring residents to appropriate services
  • Policy development and standardization of practices for prevention, assessment and remediation of home based hazards
  • Advocacy for adoption of integrated healthy home programs
  • Participate or send designees to participate in Waterbury Healthy Home meetings, events and public awareness efforts
  • Provide and share organization specific program measures involving Healthy Home Programs and/ or Impact assessment of Coalition activities


Waterbury Lead and Healthy Homes Coalition:

Meeting Minutes:

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Future Meeting Date:

The second week of January, April, July, and October.

Meeting Location:

Waterbury Department of Public Health, 3F Conference Room

Waterbury Lead and Healthy Homes Policies and Procedures

Waterbury Lead and Healthy Homes Policies and Procedures [Final Nov 21 2014] Rev RCL 6-18-2015

Lead Safe Registry:

For The Lead Safe Registry, "Click Here"

Partner Agencies:

Waterbury Health Department, New Opportunities Inc., Connecticut Department of Public Health – Lead, Radon and Healthy Homes Program, Eversource, Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program, Greater Waterbury Health Improvement Partnership.