Recreation is indispensable to the lives of people young and old, and to the enhancement of community life.  This Bureau is committed to providing positive and productive programs and services with trained and certified recreational staff.

Approximately 1000 acres of municipal park property are located in Waterbury.  Since 1932, the City of Waterbury has made recreation a valuable part of the community's life.  The City operates and maintains 31 parks and recreation centers which include over 40 tennis courts, 35 softball and baseball fields, 3 city pools, and 2 city golf courses, plus the Lakewood Park and Lake swimming facility.

Programs and activities for ages 3-senior citizens are available at five different locations throughout the city: River Baldwin Recreation Center, Chase Park House, North End Recreation Center, William Tracy Park House and Waterville Recreation Center.  Each serves a different region and population of the city.  The city's recreation program for children consists of an after-school program as well as a summer recreation program.  Adult and senior programs are also offered.

For a list of parks, recreation centers and golf courses, please click hereYou can also check out our Parks on the interactive map by clicking here.

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    Superintendent of Recreation

    Phone: (203) 574-6793
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    185 S. Main Street, 1st floor
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    Hours of Operation:
    8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    (hours vary by office)