Leveraged Partnership and Collaboration
Lead Abatement, Healthy Homes Intervention/Remediation Energy Weatherization Program
317 Willow Street, Waterbury Connecticut


Leveraged great partnership and collaboration to maximize its dollars and positive impact to the community it served are top priorities for the Waterbury Healthy Homes Program (WHH). The story that I am going to share here is a great example of leveraging partnership and collaboration among lead abatement, healthy homes intervention/remediation and energy weatherization program. The collaboration is among HUD grantees [Waterbury Healthy Homes (WHH) and the Connecticut Children’s Healthy Homes Program (CCHH) aka LAMPP], a local non-profit organization [New Opportunities, Inc. (NOI)], and a regional utility company [Eversource].

317 Willow Street, circa 1935, is a 14-unit apartment building located closed to the downtown of Waterbury and its tenants are primarily low-income residents and some of them with children under the age of six. Through the marketing efforts of WHH, the owner of 317 Willow Street approached WHH for lead abatement funding to address its aging leaded windows as well as other interior surfaces with defective lead paint in the building. During the comprehensive lead inspection and Healthy Homes Assessment via the HUD Healthy Homes Rating System (HHRS), WHH identified lead hazard, as well as other housing related hazards; for example, asbestos around the furnace and heating pipes in the basement area at this property. WHH awarded the funding for lead abatement and meanwhile, WHH informed the owner that there are other funding sources available to address the other housing related issues for energy conservation and health and safety. The owner expressed the interest of getting assistance from other funding sources; therefore, the referrals were made to CCHH, NOW and CL&P.

Currently, the lead abatement project has been completed. The Healthy Homes intervention/remediation and the energy weatherization program are still in the process of enrollment. Upon the completion of the project, the residents of 317 Willow Street are living in a place where is lead safe, asbestos free with energy conservation measures installed providing comfort and safety to the occupants increasing quality of life benchmarks.