City of Waterbury Tax Sale Information

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Tax sale May 26, 2011 6:00pm
Registration begins at 5:30pm

The City of Waterbury has the right to accept or reject any and all bids.  Many properties will be offered for less than to total amount due.

None of the properties being sold is guaranteed buildable under current zoning regulations. All properties are subject to restrictions, covenants, and appurtenances of record that may appear. The City of Waterbury and its officials make no representations, warranties or guarantees concerning the suitability or character of any property offered for tax sale. All properties are subject to additional taxes, interest, fees and other charges authorized by law accruing subsequent to the date of the notice of sale
Potential bidders are advised of the possible existence of environmental contaminants on the properties.

Each tax sale property is sold “as is.”

Potential bidders assume full and complete responsibility for ascertaining the suitability and character of each property, for any and all costs incurred pursuant thereto, and for all costs and/or liability incurred as a consequence of bidding.

It is recommended that any person interested in bidding on any parcel to be sold by the City consult with his or her attorney or other advisor should such bidder have any questions regarding the purchase of any parcel or the procedures followed during the sale.

**** Neither the Collector of Revenue Services nor any employee of the City, nor any person retained by the Collector of Revenue Services in connection with the sale, is authorized to give any advise to any prospective bidder other than to refer such bidder to C.G.S., Sec. 12-157. ****